This web site used to be mostly about the rebuild of our sailboat, Epitome', our 1986 Hunter 34 that we bought new. But the Camaro pictures far out number the boat stuff. (see photo's #134-#403 for my one-owner 69 Camaro)
This picture was taken the day after Epitome' arrived from Ft. Lauderdale on the back of an 18 wheeler. The date was May 24, 2000. We left from here (Brownsville WA. on Puget Sound) in '91. We did the `left' coast and transited the Panama Canal. We went up to Key West for a couple of seasons and then went to the Virgins and down to Trinidad to store her during the off season. We played in the Eastern Caribbean for five winters and then brought her home. And during that storage, she went through hell, including Hurricane Louis on Antigua. We should be finished with this `rebuild' by the summer of '03 and launch in July. (SPLASH-JULY 8,2003-SEA-TRIALS ARE UNDERWAY.)