I promised the folks at the Hunter Owners.com some snaps of the hydraulic winch I made. I modified the starboard Barient 27 primary back in '87 or so. The drum is driven not only by the winch handle, but by a shaft extension from below the winch via a 1400 inch pound engine driven hydraulic motor. Note the hole in the center of the winch base. This winch is used to pull me up the mast. (by my wife, or anybody) The only work is to press down on the lever. Pulling up on the lever (see next photos) is high speed, but low torque. Other uses are possably kedging off a reef, (did it once, in the Bahamas, of course) cross sheeting, (or direct sheeting on port tack) or if injured and needing to limp to aid and it was always used for lifting the dingy onto the davits.