24. The splash shield in front of the sink is easier to see here. The Force 10, 3 burner stove will be installed in Jan of 03. Money, you know. ((3/2/3) It should have arrived in Seattle on 2/28/3 and be installed this week.) Not shown are the slider doors below the sink. I built new teak tracks and extended them outboard so that the two doors move completely out of the way. Also not shown are some added shelves under and next to the sink. The shelves in that countertop locker are angled so stuff stays in them. (see photo #116) A new shelf in the under-the-sink locker (under the afore mentioned locker) is for my cast iron fry pan. We used to store it in the oven. It's for mostly deep dish pizza. (See photo #108)
3/8/3 The stove is installed.
This sink is from Home Depot, as is the Moan single handle faucet. The faucet spray head pulls out about four feet so we can wash stuff easier and save time and effort in the galley. We have one in our home so it was a done deal. (4/4/3) The soap bottle you see is now a built in pump and MATCHES the faucet. It's identical to one in the vanity.