This is looking opposite the Home Theater. It's the library and is exactly the same size. The grills are for the air conditioning. The maple pin rails and lights you see are from Home Depot. The shelves are adjustable. I wired the halogen lights with their own on/off switch or they can be controlled with a dimmer remote just like the TV. Too cool!
The new table is laid out in teak but yet to be cut out. Speaking of table, The metal, rusty support post is now solid teak. And those of you who have the same trouble lowering your table to use it as a bunk/lounge, should know that we disabled the Perko locking brackets with a vise. Because of that, the table has to be held down with teak toggles above the table that are twisted to the side to allow the table to come up and out of the disabled brackets. It's much easier to now remove the table and lower it. The toggles can be seen above each corner of the table.