Here is the nav station. The panels are from Blue Sea Systems. All breakers and switches are back lit and the lights can be shut off with a slide switch mounted under the lip below the radar. Another slide switch controls a pair of led lights that are also under the lip. They illuminate the chart table, as does the halogen lamp seen at the top of the maple door.
As you can see, the radar (R20X), Autopilot (Autohelm6000), ham radio (Kenwood 450), VHF (Kenwood) and heater control (Wallas 30D) are built in and flush mounted. The speaker opening has since been moved to the panel above the light switches so it faces the salon table. Where the speaker is shown, will be a forward scanning sonar.
Now outboard of the autopilot control is the panel for the ProSine 2.0 inverter. A maple pin rail is also on top of the cabinet.