This is my baby after the hours were zeroed out. The leak is fixed. This set up has evolved A LOT! Starting at the top center is the Cat pump for the watermaker. Clockwise is the refer/ac compressor. Then the alternator. To the left of it is a white bracket. I built it when we installed the alternator back in the '80s. It only serves one purpose and that is to reinforce the mount AT the waterpump. It probably is not needed. After all, only one belt drives the alternator. How much damage can it do? To the right of the alternator is an idler pulley. Then the pump for the hydraulic winch, (the starboard primary) then the PTO, behind it is the raw water pump, then another idler. The center is the freshwater pump. The accessory mount used to be bolted solid to the engine stringer. Not only did that contribute a lot of noise and vibration to the hull, it wore out the cutlass bearing. It is now mounted on a triangulated frame bolted to the engine side of the mounts. And the mounts are no longer those large Yanmars. They are smaller aluminum units with the same size studs. Most of the damage to the boat that required this rebuild was caused by three factors:

1. The factory cutout in the drip pan for wires. This caused leaks to go into the spider. This should be considered a criminal act.(I've found that IT IS A CRIMINAL ACT! Now, anyway!) It is now closed and the battery selector switch is under the chart table. Those two hoses you see at the bottom, front of the engine, enter the spider via the TOP of the drip pan! What isn't shown is on the floor of the drip pan, right under the PTO. It is the newly installed full size spin-on oil filter and mount. It is connected to the engine via two rubber hoses. The filter can be lifted from its' restraining bridal (made of tie wraps) and held over a drain pan for removal/changing. With the hydraulic winch pump mounted in front of the oil filter, I just about couldn't reach the filter. The result of the remote mount is easier accessablility, no mess, longer filter life, (larger) and it's CHEAP! For years I have wanted a system like it but was quoted $400.00 by all the marine stores. Are you ready? $39.95 from Summit Racing. It's made by Trans Dap. Just ask for their universal remote oil filter kit. I'd take another snap for you but if you've seen an oil filter,,,,, anyway, back to the list:
2. The cockpit drains that needed constant attention when the boat was stored in the off season in the Caribbean or it would flood the boat and the water would mix with the oil trapped under the floor that would then rise and ruin all of the woodwork.
3. Third world caretakers who didn't provide constant attention. What the pundits don't tell you in cruising guides or magazines is NEVER STORE YOUR BOAT IN THE TROPICS! The musty smell alone is enough to cause some people to abandon their boats. Oh yeah, for the rest of my days I will says this; Antigua is by far the WORST place we visited. If you want to know the stories, drop me a line. Use the link on the left.