Even the main fore/aft bulkhead was shot. I rebuilt the fuel tank and plumbed it to the stern fuel tank again but with improved systems. If any of you have run out of fuel and paid attention to the quantity that was needed to top off your empty '25gal' tank, did you notice this tank is ONLY 21GALLONS, counting what is in the fill hose? Mine sure is! Oh, for all of you H34 owners out there, see the tank fuel fill hose connection? Look just above it and you will see what appears to be a stubby hose. It is a hose. Access to the storage of the cockpit lazarett is blocked by the factory fill hose. I installed a 2' long hose extension. It leads straight down THROUGH the stern locker floor. I then installed a 90 degree elbow that points to the centerline. It is hooked to the original fuel fill hose that now curves under the stern locker floor overhead. The result is that the locker space opens up and is usable. No fill hose in the way! Those red (ratchet) straps holding the tanks are from Home Depot.