I dug this out of my dusty hard drive. It's a little dated in that it doesn't show any of the refer wiring or any of the stuff leading to the NavPod, but no one in cyberspace gives a hoot about looking at wires. Only the setup is useful, right? Ok, see the refer stuff on the galvanized sheet metal frame? Below the frame is bolted the condenser. It is 1/10th the size of the original. It's from Rparts.com. You're not going to get a refer lesson here. Moving on. At the upper right of the refer stuff can be seen the primary fuel transfer filter. A black hose leads from the filter to the left, to a fuel pump. That transfers the diesel to the primary fuel tank behind the bulkhead. (See previous photo #49) At the lower left, below the heater, is the outboard engine primer bulb that is used to prime the redundant filter and also the Yanmar. That black vertical bar between the heater and refer stuff is a auxiliary ground bus. A very big ground cable leads to the batteries so lots of little ground wires don't have to.
The watermaker membranes will be mounted on the floor just in front of the refer stuff as will a newer propane hot water heater if needed. Our old propane water heater is toast so we installed a stock type tank.We will know if we need to add capacity after sea trials.
Everything you see here, or its' functional predecessor, used to be on the other side of the bulkhead. You Hunter 34 owners will know what that means. Don't ask, I was younger then.