The NavPod is coming along. The Interphase `Probe' is at the upper left. Clockwise is the windpoint from Standard that interfaces with the knotmeter to give VMG. Then comes the Autohelm 6000. The round knob is a dimmer for the radar arch light. The two rockers can control 4 circuits such as the foredeck light and stuff.
(5/29/4) The top rocker switch now controls the windlass. The windlass can now be fully controlled from the helm so as to anchor single handed. The Bruce still has to be manually eased off of its' roller because the boat doesn't have self launchers, but that's it, as far as chain goes. (except for washing) We went to all chain, 200 feet of HT quarter inch, last month. Using the Fortress on the port side still needs someone at the bow. No way around that.
See that garden hose around the secondary winch? The blue plastic fitting on the hose is for the deck wash. It is from New Found Metals in Port Townsend WA. (their ads are in the back of Cruising World) Its' picture is #36. To use this system, just plug that blue adapter (with the hose connected) into the deck outlet and the hose is ready to go. Below the hose is the slot cut in the seatback for the hydraulic winch lever. To cover it we use a piece of white vinyl tape.