This is the new guard that will get a Nav Pod this month. (Nov,2002) It is a copy of the Edson model. It's made by the same people that did all the other rail work. This was less than $100.00. I didn't need the top plate and Edson only sells theirs with the plate for over $350.00.
The pedestal is rebuilt. There was no wear. The autopilot did almost all of the steering. Because the autopilot drive unit is hooked to the rudder post via a separate tiller, no load has to be transmitted via the pedestal, as is the case with those wheel driving pilots. The stern rail is new too.
(3/2/03) The NavPod is in. See photo #60. The windpoint is installed in it as is the autopilot. Next up is the knotmeter and several light switches and the forward scaning sonar repeater.