Ok, what goes here? Our local boatyard has NO crane for stepping the mast. We had to use the travelift. Everything had to be done in a narrow time window. (tides etc. The daily low tide brings mud out 100 feet past the piling.) This boat is about their upper limit for this job. Yep, those are aircraft carriers on the opposite beach. That's Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. We used to make our first tack after leaving our yacht club, just off their sterns. Not anymore. Oh, the stern logo is new as is the stern rail assembly. Prism made the first logo but the pattern was only 'outlined' in their computer so I took a digital snap shot, sent it to them via email and they digitized it. They also added the yellow to the bottom of the cloud. All of that was less than half the price of the original. Tech-nol-ogy.