<!!Epitome's Rebuild!!>


And photos #134-#434 have been added with a BRIEF discussion of my '69 Camaro.

Did I mention that I bought my car new just like Epitome'? Yep, never sold either one. My Camaro has been kept in much better locations than Epitome' over the years.

Epitome' being off-loaded for the start of her 'make-over'.

Last update:06/11/13
Here's a video of our first burnout after the winter update

Here's the return trip. Scary. Especially after all that work. Wouldn't want to start over.

And here's a strip-trip from 6/2/7. Now to find more speed and ET.

And this is two weeks later in June. It's the fastest and quickest my car has ever gone; 12.28 @109.42. But there's so much more. Got lotsa ideas.

And this was faster yet, on 7-6-7. A 12.13@111.89. (see below)

(and in a couple of more races this summer the car has turned 12.10's and 112's. It's flat. Won't run with a surge just below the shift-points. Put it on a dyno yesterday (9-26-07), and the power-curve is just like at the track. The Projection4 is too small! But the car's never run better. Last race; first week of October. Still hope for the 11's.)
UPDATE; I DID IT! 11.90! Speed's in the lower teens! Over the winter a new injection system is in the works, and a new cam too. (maybe)
Check out the new fuel injection at the end of the Camaro film strips. I made it to the first race of the season in mid March and ran a all time best of 11.89 @113.76. Now if it would just quit snowing!
Update; Last race of the season for me was in September '09. Last run of the day was a 11.59et. Nothing was changed except for the tires since the first run after the rebuild two years ago. I guess that's called tuning.
And I've removed the dreaded Super Comp headers. I found Mickey Thompson Super Scavengers for my car in reproduction. They're identical to my original set. Check out picture #343 and up for a look.
UPDATE! 6-10-10. The new Lunati solid roller is in with a Comp shaft rocker system. Preliminary tests are starting at 11.50 @ 120.85. Now to get to tuning.

June 29, 2010. Now we're at 11.05 and 123+mph. Roll bar time! The track is gonna yell any minute. Here's a slightly slower run. Love to see the Wheelies.

Here's a run from May 20, 2011. An online friend, George captured it. ET 11.11.

My cousin Larry took this video after we rode together from the pits. The 60' looks to be OK but the time slip seems to be lost in a pile of others. 11-25-11 Update. Well, this racing stuff got rolling back in '07. My car ran the same ET then as in 1969. But that was just the start. Modern stuff led to the 12's, then the 11's and now,,,,, the TENS!!! Three runs last season, won money too! Life is good. Where's the nearest dyno?

And now the 2012 season is over. It was a very frustrating year that ended with the weekend producing consistent 10 second ET's. Best was last; 10.907! JOY!

OK, enough of 10.90'. Get a load of this! At the start of the 2013 season the car cranked off 10.86's. Cool, huh? But then I decided to re-install the full length 3" exhaust so we could cruise town legally. Now the car is 80lbs heavier plus the exhaust is restricted,,,right? It should be at least a tenth slower,,, right?
WRONG! Not only did it blow past the low 10.80's, it didn't do a single 10.70's but went right past the '70's to 10.69. Was it done? Not a chance. Next run; 10.61 @ 126.26!!!
Then the racing ended. No, I didn't install a power adder. The folks who know about this stuff are telling me the exhaust system is now acting to properly time the exhaust pulses! But the car wasn't even setup correctly. The Caltracks were way off (I re-read the instructions) and the rear axle wasn't square to the centerline of the car because of,,, well, too much power and too loose U-bolts. On top of that I had cut my launch RPM to about 2000 RPM so as to better flash the converter. That made the rear of the car push down harder and also let the Caltracks "hit" them as they're designed to do. So far, so good, the car carried the front wheels for about 20 feet and turned a +101 1/8th mile with a 1.48 '60'. I've never reached +100 in the 1/8th mile before and only 60'ied in the 1.4's once before

Both setup errors have been corrected for the next race that's on 6/14/13. Yep, same car as at the top of this page.
All I did was 'camshaft',converter and slicks. (DOT legal)
Whew. Well, after all these are "muscle cars".
Now it's the weekend of 8/23/1013. New all time bests on every line of the time slip, this on a single run; 60'@ 1.467, 1/8 mile @ 102.12 @ 6.679, 1/4mi @ 10.531 @ 126.56. I sense potential.

Well, 2014 opening day was warm and sunny. By the end of the weekend the car set all time bests again. Now it's at 10.495@128.07 with 60' of 1.428. It's doing motorcycle-style wheelies. Honest, no power adders. Well, maybe the 8 track.